Current Activities

1 February 2019

Today I am officially starting as associate professor in CSCW at NTNU, at the Applied Information Technologies (AIT) group. I am super excited about this, and looking forward to many new adventures ahead – stay tuned!

18 October 2018

My blog post in the LSE Business Review is out! I talk about synthetic knowing, inspired by my research and forthcoming Misq article with Eric Monteiro. What does knowledge mean in the Internet of Things? Don’t miss it!

October 2018 

I am delighted that my and Eric Monteiro’s long-term work to promote an infrastructure-turn in environmentally sustainable information systems (or Green IS) has been accepted for publication at the International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS)!

Inspired by the work in marine biology by Daniel Pauly and colleagues, we put forward a set of recommendations for researchers in Information Systems to problematize the way environmental risk is assessed and calculated.

Are you going to attend ICIS in San Francisco in December 2018? Don’t miss it! Here’s a preview:

Title: Shifting Baselines? Recommendations for Green IS*

AbstractIn 1995, marine biologist Daniel Pauly warned against shifting baseline syndrome, or the tendency to assess environmental sustainability against biased or inappropriate baseline data. Today, digital systems have a strong potential to make new Green Information Systems (IS) solutions possible. However, these systems also require in-depth analysis, to prevent Green IS from falling into shifting baseline syndrome. 

We draw on a qualitative study of distributed systems for environmental monitoring during oil and gas operations. We problematize the creation of baseline data against which the environmental sustainability of operations is calculated. Based on a performative understanding of technology in practice, we illustrate the material-discursive conditions of the data production and use. We present four recommendations for future research in Green IS, inviting researchers to critically investigate the way in which sustainable business processes are mutually constituted by the digital technologies, monitoring practices, and knowledge in organizations and societies.

*While we wait for the paper to be published, have a look at Daniel Pauly talking about is seminal work on the concept of Shifting Baselines Syndrome. This concept was an important inspiration for our research!