My publications

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Edited books

Mikalef, P., & Parmiggiani, E. (2022). Digital Transformation in Norwegian Enterprises. Available here.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals:

  1. Vassilakopoulou, P, Parmiggiani, E., Shollo, A, Grisot, M. 2022. Responsible AI: Concepts, critical perspectives and an Information Systems research agenda, Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems 34(2). Article 3. Cristin level 2. (Special issue co-editor).
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Publications in conferences:

  1. Schmager, S, Grøder, C H, Parmiggiani, E, Pappas, I, Vassilakopoulou, P. 2023. What Do Citizens Think of AI Adoption in Public Services? Exploratory Research on Citizen Attitudes through a Social Contract Lens. HICSS Proceedings, Hawaii.
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Book chapters:

  1. Parmiggiani, E, Monteiro, E, 2018. Digitized Coral Reefs. In: Handbook of DigitalSTS. Vertesi, J et al. (Eds). Princeton University Press.
  2. Hepsø, V, Parmiggiani, E, 2022. Digitalising the Arctic with Real-Time Data, Challenges for Fishing and Oil Interests. In: Arctic Abstractive Industry (Cultural Anthropology series), Mason, A (Ed).

Blog posts, reports, and other dissemination:

  1. Parmiggiani, E, 2018. Synthetic knowledge and the Internet of Things. LSE Business Review. (Available at: (Reviewed blog post)
  2. Parmiggiani, E, 2018.  Digital platforms for environmental sustainability: Empirical studies in the Norwegian petroleum sector.  Scienza Senza Confini Experiences and Projects of Italians in Norway. Comites Oslo (Available at:
  3. Karasti, H, Botero, A, Baker, K, Parmiggiani, E, 2018. Little Data, Big Data, No Data? Data Management in the Era of Research Infrastructures. Oulu, Finland: University of Oulu 2018 (Available at: (Report)
  4. Parmiggiani, E, Karasti, H, Baker, K, Botero, A, 2018. Politics in environmental research infrastructure formation: When top-down policy-making meets bottom-up fragmentation. Platypus, the CASTAC Blog (Available at: (Reviewed blog post)

PhD Dissertation:

Parmiggiani, E, 2015. Integration by Infrastructuring: The Case of Subsea Environmental Monitoring in Oil and Gas Offshore Operations. 2015. ISBN 978-82-326-1124-9. PhD Theses at NTNU (234).